A Place Where Time Stands Still

Oahu truly is incredible.  I asked my sister what it was like to live in such a beautiful place. She said it feels very much like time stands still here where the season never changes to mark the passing of time.

After my little sister moved to Hawaii, I felt sure I would never see her again. I am so glad I was wrong.

I did see her again, but not for the next 20 years.

She was always my best friend growing up. One of the few people I ever felt truly comfortable being myself around. When I was sad, she made me laugh. When I was feeling cynical, depressed, or reclusive she would just sit with me. No judgement, no expectation.

After 20 years apart, it was an emotional reunion. I have never been very comfortable around a lot of emotions, and even less comfortable when I was so engulfed. For the first three days of our visit, I cried every morning when I saw her.

That was three years ago this May. Round trip plane ticket already purchased, and I am counting down the days till I get to see her again.

88 days and counting ❤